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With powerful bass lines, VØR invites you on a journey to yourself. Her first EPs, “Liminal” (2018) and “Liminal II” (2020), have earned the indie pop artist comparisons to Lana Del Rey or Florence + the Machine, as well as support gigs with musical greats like Orla Gartland and Bill Ryder-Jones. VØR released her debut album “Honey” in May 2022. The artist adds sometimes darkly atmospheric, sometimes downright electronic sounds with pop appeal to tough topics such as depression, abuse and alcoholism. “Music that touches and moves, in both an emotional and physical sense.” – RadioEins

With her eponymous single “Honey“, VØR makes it to number 6 in the RadioEins listener charts of 2022.

VØR is known for her versatility in her music and has already made a name for herself in various genres such as indie pop, rap, electro and techno. For example, the talented artist released the techno track “Tension” with producer trio Akzenth in spring 2023.

Music is art and opens up a world without borders. Making music allows me to feel emotions that I find very hard to reach without it. Music helps me feel safe and understood. I want to share this space with others.

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