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The indie-pop artist FELIZIA from Berlin sings sensuously and dreamily about the ups and downs of life, always forming an exciting story. Her music provides the perfect film soundtrack – dramatic, romantic, and full of stirring melodies.

Her deep, melancholic voice tells of pain, intense love, and blossoming self-discovery. Plucked guitars, polyphonic vocals born out of the American folk she grew up with, paired with pop appeal and driving harmonies make up FELIZIA’s touching and infectious sound.

At the age of 13, the singer-songwriter began songwriting in her room in a small town in Baden-Württemberg, but as she grew older, her path led her out into the world and away from music for the time being. It wasn’t until after her studies and a long journey through Central Asia that she decided to get down to business and released her debut EP “The Artist” in 2021. Today, she is also the producer for her songs and sets no limits to her development and her sound. It is important for her to consciously work together with FLINTA*.

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