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“Elaborated compositions and a great voice” – according to the Stuttgart Deutsche Pop Office, this is exactly what SOFFIE’s music is all about. So it’s no wonder that the newcomer emerged as one of 5 Stuttgart pop scholarship holders at the beginning of 2022, and already made an impact with the release of her debut single “Patronize“.

Accompanied by impressive synthesizers and dynamic arrangements, SOFFIE deals with topics such as the meaning of her back pain, ‘mansplaining’ or self-discovery in her self-ironic and cynical lyrics.

Influenced by electronic pop music of the early 2010s and musical role models such as Marina, Lorde and Stromae, SOFFIE and her live band are convincing with energetic performances and intimate sounds. Since her debut, the Backnang native has regularly opened the stage for top-class artists, attracting the attention of local newspapers, radio stations and magazines.

In addition to her debut EP “Consequences“, SOFFIE can be heard in the project “15zu14 – Nachklänge“, which was nominated for a Grimme Online Award. Her song “You caught me in the moment“, which she wrote and produced especially for this project, represents her preference for experimental and at the same time powerful vocals.

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