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Malte Huck: the man behind Beachpeople. Does that sound familiar? The name? No wonder: since 2014 Malte has been bass player and permanent member of AnnenMayKantereit, one of the biggest pop-rock bands in Germany in recent years. Filled venues and stadiums, headliners at major festivals, number one album, hits, swarms of fans. Malte has experienced all that. Despite the success, or perhaps because of it, Malte made a courageous decision in autumn 2020. He quit AnnenMayKantereit. A change was needed. It was time for his own path. He launched his solo project Beachpeople. Almost two years later, his debut EP “I’ll Be Gone For A Little While” was released in September 2022. Beachpeople’s music conveys a vibe that wavers beyond genre boundaries. The mix of folk and indie rock – and above all feeling – will certainly enthrall a vast number of people in the days ahead. The debut album is in the process of being created and we can’t wait to see what Beachpeople will present to us in July. 

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