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Synth, bass and electro drums. Atmospheric, gentle and forthright – that is the distinctive sound of Zimmer90. The electro indiepop band from Stuttgart consists of the three members Joscha, Finn and Michi and is one of the most up-and-coming newcomer bands in the indie universe.

With their first single “Movin’“, the band has already generated over 2.5 million streams, proving that the Zimmer90 sound works. Together with producer Mario Simic (Mavi Phoenix, Fil Bo Riva, BRUCKNER), they created both their EP “Fall Back” and their hit single “Drowning“. The band also came to the attention of the prestigious Kitsuné label (Phoenix, Parcels, Two Door Cinema Club), who released the EP’s eponymous single “Fall Back” as a featured artist. “Therefore” and “All Night” are the first two singles from their latest EP “All Night“, released in January 2023.

After an intense summer of festivals in 2022, the band’s incredible energy can be experienced on their own first tour from March 2023, the first show of which was sold out after just a few days.

Anyone who has paid more attention to the band in the past knows that Zimmer90 can’t be pigeonholed. In contrast to the majority of the music industry, which mostly works with pigeonholes, they open up an entire space with their music, which the listener can freely arrange and shape. They want to counteract the thinking that music only works by forcing certain contents (values, role models, stereotypes) on consumers. “We don’t wish to impose our life stories on anyone, but invite them into Zimmer90, where there is a free space for everyone.

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