The Pure&Crafted Festival has always been distinguished by its unique mix. And to be honest, deep in our teenage souls we know what life is all about. It's about motorbikes, music and cool stuff.


BMW Motorrad, Hookie Co. und Bosch – the alliance of the future! The mobility transition in the city has a trump card: electric scooters. Sustainable propulsion systems and urban style combine in these agile scooters in an inimitable way.

With its CE 04 electric scooter, BMW Motorrad is leaning mightily into the design curve. The custom designers Hookie Co. from Dresden are greedily taking up the model. Their reconstruction is pop as pop can, flawlessly suited to the city as a great course: a sunny fellow with colourful stripes and with maximum likeability bonus.

Hookie Co. love motorcycles. But above all, they love things that look good. “Enjoy the Good” is their motto. “I think of the motorcycle as a canvas,” says head designer Nico Müller about his approach to work. They caught the new trend of the 2010s off guard with a Honda CB 750 that set new standards in elegant minimalism. For the BMW R nineT, they designed a kit that slims down the retro classic into a future cafe racer via plug-and-play. 

In the meantime, Hookie Co. are exclusively waving the electric flag. They celebrated their debut in the electric field with a bang: their skeletonised science fiction study Tardigrade thought way outside the box – and was placed on high display in the most famous automobile museum instantly. The Tardigrade was exhibited at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles in 2021.

How open the custom scene of the 2010s is to the increasing electric options can be seen at Glemseck 101. The festival has established itself over the years as a hotspot for the European custom movement. In 2022 the festival hosted a special e-custom sprint, in which, of course Hookie Co. took part. 

The CE 04 from Hookie Co. doesn’t want stress when sprinting, but fun when cruising. The Isetta, the Mini Cooper, the CE 04: small vehicles have always spread good mood in big cities. The reconstruction by Hookie Co. shows this unmistakably.