The Pure&Crafted Festival has always been distinguished by its unique mix. And to be honest, deep in our teenage souls we know what life is all about. It's about motorbikes, music and cool stuff.


You’ve been waiting for long enough – but here we are, Pure&Crafted Festival is back! The presale for the Pure&Crafted has started and early bird tickets for the festival can now be secured for 34.90 € here. Day tickets will go on sale in mid-May.

Initiated and brought to life by BMW Motorrad, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, the Pure&Crafted has already become a melting pot once a year since 2015, bringing together and connecting the most diverse communities with their wide interests. This is where exceptional musicians meet innovative customizers meet art meet the best food and beverages meet entertainment for all the senses. All this merges over two days into a wonderful piece of culture that is actively supported in all its facets. Exceptional in its composition! 

But this year will be a bit unlike the others. Not only that Pure&Crafted will finally take place over two days again on 07 and 08 July, but with the Napoleon Komplex it has also discovered a residence that is perfectly fitted to the festival. From the Sommergarten of Messe Berlin, right into the bustling and urban Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. On a really great and special warehouse site with typical industrial charm, visitors and fans can immerse themselves in the unique Pure&Crafted world. On top of that, the best sunsets in the city can be celebrated here at the Modersohnbrücke (bridge), which is a popular sunset spot. 

Of course, music lovers will also get their money’s worth. Exciting artists and bands can be experienced on two typical Berlin stages. This year, the Austrian duo Cari Cari, whose live shows are a passionate ride through the wild hippie seventies, the nineties grunge and the present day. Drangsal is at least as wild, in a positive sense of course: new wave, postpunk, indie pop – Drangsal feels at home in all these genres. Undeniably, there is a wealth of music to discover. Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer WU-LU, whose tracks breathe grime, dub and punk at the same time, will make sure of that. Or Circa Waves, whose driving, melodic indie rock is inspired by The Strokes and The Vaccines. 

New to us, an absolute highlight: a Berlin artist will design a skatepark where skateboarders from all levels, local to national, will battle it out. The Berlin skate artist’s surrounding community will take care of sounds, bites and the right vibes. BMX Flatland shows will take place several times a day on the grounds and in the skatepark – followed by workshops for interested parties. 
In the Wheels Area, an exciting selection of the hottest and most progressive customizers will present their current projects. Among them will be Hookie Co. from Dresden, who will be designing this year’s Pure&Crafted custom bike. Their creativity will blow visitors’ minds just as much as ours. For the first time, electric mobility will also be a major focus this year, as we are consistently building a bridge from heritage to mobility concepts of the future. The Future is calling! The General Store will once again feature a curated selection of our heartfelt brands, displaying their favourite products and offering them for sale – in keeping with the passions we celebrate on site: music, motorcycle culture, skateboarding, BMX and art. This programme will be peppered with other artists who will be showing and presenting their work on site.

Hope to see you there!