The Pure&Crafted Festival has always been distinguished by its unique mix. And to be honest, deep in our teenage souls we know what life is all about. It's about motorbikes, music and cool stuff.


In the courtyard of the Napoleon Komplex, not only a few ramps will be set up, but trick-suitable sculptures will be composed into a skate ground. The artist Roberto Cuellar intervenes in urban space worldwide with his skateable sculptures. Between art and sport, he creates pop art outdoor furniture for skating, among others for Adidas and Converse.

His skateground at the Pure&Crafted leaves no one out. You can wallride on the container or wave around the miniramp – it’s not about performance here, but fun. DJs and live music set the groove to your grind.

On Saturday, SK8 4 KIDS will bring the next generation onto the wheels. The Chilean-German association Skatesencia searches for the essence of life in skating. You can’t start early enough. So Skatesencia offers a workshop for kids at Pure&Crafted (Saturday, 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m., Skateground, no prior registration necessary, but please be there in time). And that’s not all: as FlintaMentals, they will host the first three DJ slots in the skateground on Saturday.

What ranks between a skateboard and a motorcycle? The BMX bike. Professional rider Camilo Gutierrez will leave you nothing short as amazed with his flatland shows at the Pure&Crafted – because BMX bikes can dance!

So slip-on your slip-ons, but remember the Suicidal Tendencies’ admonition: “No skateboarding until you’ve done your homework!”

Roberto Cuellar, ©Alex Flach
TONE, ©Roberto Cuellar
@Camilo Guiterrez
Camilo Guiterrez, ©Camilo Guiterrez