The Pure&Crafted Festival has always been distinguished by its unique mix. And to be honest, deep in our teenage souls we know what life is all about. It's about motorbikes, music and cool stuff.


Class obliges. Pleasure and honour for Pure&Crafted 2022. The music programme is set – and easily maintains the level that has been established over the last seven years.

Yes, the shooting star of hearts is on board, soul songwriter Yola, straight from Coachella and the set of the blockbuster “Elvis”. Southern rockers DeWolff and indie breeders Pictures to the diverse and high-calibre quality of the programme. The Pixies and Nothing But Thieves start things off, followed by a mighty clean sweep. The musical cream cake gets a maraschino cherry on top: punk rock karaoke – take the mic, be the star. Gabba gabba hey!

DeWolff, by Satellite June

The Pure&Crafted is so special because it doesn’t focus only on stage action. Music, motorcycles and New Heritage will once again push each other to become the highlight of the summer. In the Sommergarten of Messe Berlin, a sworn community that loves the sound of guitars as much as motorbikes will celebrate for one day. With its 50s pavilion and open-air stage, the enclosed area offers the best conditions for presenting culture and partying.

Harry Damson

At the General Store, everything breathes the spirit of tangible quality for classic lovers. New Heritage means: good things must also be well made. You can rely on that with the boots by Blundstone, the shelving system by Noodles, Noodles and Noodles or the premium products around the motorbike by Cafe Racer 69. If you want to take a break from disposable unculture, you’ll find your Eylsium in the Summer Garden pavilion.

Renard Speed Shop

With the custom motorbikes in the Wheels Area, style and quality intertwine into a question of existence. The riding works of art need as much design flair as mechanic competence. Anyone who has seen the conversions by Renard Speed Shop. Kingstom Custom or WalzWerk can finally experience them in the flesh at Pure&Crafted – and talk shop with their creators.

With the Motodrom, the Film Festival and the Kids’ Course, the motorbike world becomes an experience for the whole family. Pure&Crafted welcomes everyone. Full throttle for one day and one night!

Time to get your tickets now!