Hunting for Manufactures

On our road trip with the Pure&Crafted Bike, it was Felix’s and my goal to visit manufactures, meet exciting people and simply have a good time on two wheels. After we had picked up our bike from Martin near Augsburg, we started our journey. Our first stop: spectacle maker Dieter Funk’s Brillen Manufaktur in Kinsau where all glasses are handcrafted using selected materials. Through sunshine, rain and hail, we rode to Florian Hipp in Füssen. In an old hemp ropery, he builds unique single-speed bicycles under the name Starrgang – a bicycle maker through and through. After riding across diverse Allgäu landscapes – once again accompanied by rain – we reached our base camp for the upcoming few days.

Around a camp fire with views of the Lake Constance, we discussed our next tour to Zurich where we wanted to pay a visit to Markus from DeeCee Store, Moni from Denim and Iron as well as the Freitag bag factory. No sooner said than done. The next day, we continued our journey to Switzerland via Austria. After we had visited both shops, we were already on our way to Freitag. They gave us an exciting tour of the factory, and we learnt how bags are made from truck tarpaulin first-hand. Without further ado, we decided to take the ferry from Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen instead of riding back to Nonnenhorn by the overland route. In the evening, we relaxed with our friends from Cafe Racer Munich with 2, 3, 4 … beers in hand.

The next day, we rode through the hinterlands of Lake Constance to Ravensburg via narrow, hilly and curvy roads where the good people of Seil Marschall were already waiting for us. Of course, we were more than tempted to take all their Canvas bags, made in Germany, with us. On our rainy way back, we paid a visit to Alexander von Bronewski’s manufacture and even barbecued with him and his family after.

After a short and sleepless night, Felix and I headed for Düsseldorf. We visited the Areal Böhler where the next edition of our New Heritage Festival will take place in November. With a Whisky Sour in hand, served on the 17th floor, and excellent views of the city, we ended the evening like real “biker outlaws” at the 25 Hours Hotel Düsseldorf.

After a long Autobahn ride to Berlin, Käthe, a Curves motorcycle club member, welcomed us and gave us a tour of their fine workshop.

Our last day was the most difficult for me personally. We had to bid farewell; empty all bike bags and say goodbye. What remains: we cursed, we laughed, and we experienced something unique that no one can take away from us anymore. Should the Pure&Crafted Bike be raffled amongst all riders in the end, I’ll gladly take it.