How about it New Heritage? – A conversation with Harry Damson

April 26, 2022

Alongside to a new motorbike scene in the early 2010s, a new men’s fashion developed. There was a return to the era between Alois Trenker and Steve McQueen, to flat caps, 25oz jeans and white T-shirts. Finally, even over 40s could look dignified without having to dress formally. The “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride” celebrates the fusion of motorbike and new heritage. But the fashion goes far beyond the motorbike scene.

Shops like Munich’s “Gasoline Alley” or Hamburg’s “Rider’s Room” led the way, the Berlin trade fair “Selvedge Run” consolidated the scene. In the meantime, the style is even understood in a whistle-stop of 20,000 souls with walkers and bugaboos like Eckernförde, where the shop “Heine min Jung” has taken up the cause.

In Berlin, “Harry Damson” creates his own variant of New Heritage with a lot of laissez faire and esprit and at the same time with a sense of quality that is still convincing under the magnifying glass.

The style is established. Has it also been completely thought through? Frank Damson of “Harry Damson” sees a clear tendency towards preservation. Once you have decided on a style, you stick with it until the end of your life. New Heritage is a stronghold. But you can still observe slight shifts. It has become a bit more chic. In the beginning, it was rougher, coarser, more oriented towards working-class clothes. Now the 1920s style, as staged in “Babylon Berlin”, is taking hold more strongly. Frank Damson observes an increase in theme weddings. People are happy to wear a waistcoat again – or even a bow tie.

And women are increasingly being incorporated. Long dresses like the countrywomen of the 20s and 30s and trousers between Marlene Dietrich and sailor are offered by labels like the Italian “Captain Santors”.

But in general, if you opt for New Heritage, you choose a decided style where you don’t have to worry about big jumps, but can concentrate on the finer points. Perfect for all men who take Frank Damson’s principle to heart: “Boys wear shorts, men wear trousers.”

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