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The Pure&Crafted Festival has always been distinguished by its unique mix. And to be honest, deep in our teenage souls we know what life is all about. It’s about motorbikes, music and cool stuff. But getting these three together is not always easy. That’s what Pure&Crafted is for. Back in 2015 when it began, there was a new feeling in the air, old values were being rediscovered: good honest craftsmanship, handmade and analogue. Motorcycles with carburettors, guitar music, jeans made from selvedge denim. BMW motorcycles were ahead of the game, in 2014 they launched the neo-classical R nineT and the following year they brought Pure&Crafted to life. Custom bikes, guitar music and new-heritage rolled into one. The ultimate cocktail for the new summer of love.

Check out the videos from previous years to see what this is all about:

Pure&Crafted Festival 2022 – Aftermovie Berlin

Pure&Crafted Festival 2021 – Aftermovie Berlin

Pure&Crafted Festival 2019 – Aftermovie Amsterdam

Pure&Crafted Festival 2017 – Aftermovie Berlin Rummelsburg

Pure&Crafted Festival 2016 – Aftermovie Berlin Postbahnhof

Pure&Crafted Festival 2015 – Aftermovie Berlin Postbahnhof

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